We hope that everyone is aware of what Jailbreak is. But we are going to explain it in detail because that will be helpful for people who have no idea about it.

Actually Jailbreak is an advanced procedure that helps all the iPhone/ iPad/ iPod Touch devices to remove restrictions/ limitations that are being implemented by the Apple Company. It lets you the complete root access to the iOS system. Through this process you are finally able to customize or allow any installation on the device as your requirement. So we highly recommend you to Jailbreak your iDevice because it gives you many advantages.

jailbreak god

The developer of jailbreak is Mr. Jay Freeman (SauriK) and we must tell you that there are many other jailbreak tools available in the jailbreak community now. We will explain you about some of them later.


As we mentioned above, jailbreaking your iPhone can do lots of interesting stuff. But if you still want to know why it is important to jailbreak? Have a look here.

  • You get the full root access to the iOS system
  • You can customize your iDevice as you want
  • Siri can do most of the things after jailbreak
  • Make the lock screen extra convenient
  • Download and install any app that doesn’t even exist in the original app store


jailbreak now

Jailbreak is not a easy process. Because day by day with the new iOS updates Apple blocking the vulnerabilities used in a Jailbreak. Jailbreaks are done by the well experienced iOS developers and hac*kers. After they done a success Jailbreak they release their Jailbreak to the public with a user friendly tool that everyone can use to Jailbreak their device. Such main world famous Jailbreak teams are Pangu, TaiG, PP and Yalu. They releasing their jailbreak tools for the Public for free with full tutorial. Actually the tutorial is very easy, everyone can follow it without any technical knowledge. After a successful Jailbreak the user may see that Cydia app installed on their home screen.


pangu jailbreak

Pangu is well known jailbreak tool. A group of Chinese computer programmers were create this jailbreak tool and it is one of the finest and reputed tools that we have in the current jailbreak community. We must tell you that Pangu team continuously working on their projects. There have also announced and demonstrated how to jailbreak iOS 10 beta versions when no one were able to try out to release jailbreak tools for early iOS versions. At last we want to say that Pangu team will be come up with their latest iOS jailbreak tool.


taig jailbreak

TaiG is known as a famous and trustworthy jailbreak tool. This tool is also been discovered by a group of Chinese developers. So basically TaiG is an untethered jailbreak tool which allows you to jailbreak your iDevice. They were the first team who released a jailbreak tool for iOS 8.4 version. But since then, they are unable to develop any jailbreak tool for later iOS versions.


yalu jailbreak

Yalu jailbreak is a semi-untethered jailbreak series that has been developed by a famous jailbreaker called “Luca Tudesco” The specialty of this jailbreak tool is that it is the 1st jailbreak tool which was announced for iOS 10/ 10.2 versions. But the tool has not released to the public yet. Jailbreak fans are waiting so excitedly to receive an update from Yalu jailbreak tool.


  • Customizations are allowed in your device
  • You can unlock networks
  • You can add themes and make your iPhone look more attractive
  • Lock screen can be improved
  • Make changes in the control center
  • Download your favourite third-party apps and make them as default apps of your device
  • Set up Passcode or Touch ID for apps/ folders separately
  • Add cool animations
  • You can unlock lots of special features by Jailbreaking your iPhone
  • Get the complete root access to iOS system
  • Cydia app will be installed on your device automatically
  • Download any app/ tweak from outside of the App store


cydia download

Cydia is basically the secondary App Store of iDevices. As we have explained you about jailbreak, so now you know that soon after you jailbreak your device, Cydia app installs on the device automatically. Cydia is a third-party app store. And this is the place where you will find all the apps/ tweaks/ settings/ themes etc. that doesn’t even available in the original app store.


  • Cydia is completely free to download
  • It is 100% legal as well as reversible
  • There are hundreds of free apps/ tweaks available in Cydia app
  • You will be able to use FaceTime Video with 3G/ 4G internet
  • Change fonts/ themes/ app icons etc. using Cydia
  • Bluetooth sharing is available
  • Your iPhone gets speed up
  • Cydia is a user friendly app
  • You can also download many apps from safari browser
  • Use Cydia features to make your iPhone well organized


Cydia is the main purpose of iOS jailbreak. There is no any direct way to install Cydia on iOS devices. Because Apple is not allowing to install 3rd party apps. So to install cydia first we should need to jailbreak the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch.


May be you are new to Cydia and you may not have any idea about how to use this app. In here, we have described you about the main points that you must know about Cydia app before use it.

HOME -: This is the main tab of Cydia app and in here, you will find some of the sponsored apps/ tweaks. And also the main settings and your account information are included in this Home tab.

SECTIONS -: In this tab, you will be discovered lots and lots of apps/ tweaks in multiple categories. So it is very easy to find the suitable app/ tweak that you are looking for your iDevice.

CHANGES -: As you know apps/ tweaks are frequently update their versions. And those updates as well as new programs are shown in this tab called “Changes”

MANAGE -: This is the section where you will find all the apps and tweaks that you have been downloaded and installed on your iDevice from Cydia.

SEARCH -: You may already know what this means. From this Search tab, you can find many useful Cydia apps and tweaks for your jailbroken iOS device.